Change management and transformation management

Change and Transformation Management

The art of making a difference

We all like to think of ourselves as open, flexible, adaptable – as long as things stay the way they are. Which they don’t, really. We tend to feel anxious, tense, overwhelmed when we’re confronted with changes or new challenges, Some of us more so than others. Let’s face it: Most of us are no daredevils or adventures. We’re just human beings, with our normal insecurities, fears and judgements. So when your enterprise has to change, because your markets do, it’s time to get everyone involved, motivated and on the same page. 

All of us at BRIGHT have gone through lots of changes ourselves. And we’ve supported our clients doing the same thing on a much larger scale. Rolling out a new IT infrastructure across departments, branches, even continents. Establishing a different code of conduct in everybody’s minds. Conquering new markets, addressing new clients, dealing with new tools, in short: doing things differently. That requires communication skills, didactics, media competence and profound psychological insights. We’ve been there, done that and succeeded. It really has changed things for our clients, for us – for the better. And it will for you, too.     

So, what’s new?