Our passion for reality.

Fact is stranger than fiction: From time to time we come across a story which has an immense power.

It stays with us, in on our minds, in our hearts – until we finally turn it in a documentary. For all the world to see.

Surviving Gusen

Released in 2021: The „invisible camp“: The concentration camp Gusen represents one of the darkest chapters in Austria’s history. This striking documentary is a promise we made to one of its survivors: Never forget. 



Our latest documentary project: How is the world dealing with the challenges of the pandemic – and in what ways can music help us to reconnect? An intimate look at fascinating individuals trying to cope with the present and to shape the future.


Rowing for Europe

A Turk and an Austrian embark on a journey down the Danube river the all the way to the Black Sea. The wooden rowing boat becomes their floating microcosm, encountering places and people, dark locks und powerful thunderstorms. BRIGHT FILMS co-produced this documentary from Gerald Harringer.