Corporate documentaries

Corporate Documentaries

Watching progress as it happens

A commercial documentary – isn’t that a contradiction? Not really. Every documentary looks at its topic from its own angle. It selects certain aspects and leaves out others, It may have a message, even an agenda. It takes a stand. A corporate documentary deliberately uses a format that allows for more complex content. It tells stories that need more time for explaining and understanding. It raises awareness and answers questions. It’s authentic, credible, relevant.

And yes, of course it’s not unbiased. But then again, wich content is?

At BRIGHT we select one of two general approaches when it comes to corporate documentaries. The planned approach is based on scripted content and involves a detailed pre-production process including on-site activities, briefings and interviews. The editorial approach on the other hand uses journalistic methods. It is ideal for documenting an ongoing process. Here, the final story takes shape only in the editing room.

We did it before and we’ll do it again: Telling the truth your way.